Saint Paul the Apostle School Debate Team - Intermediate 10 Week Course

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Saint Paul the Apostle School Debate Team - Intermediate 10 Week Course

Instructor: Joe Schatz

This class is provided for students who are enrolled at Saint Paul the Apostle School in LA, CA. During this ten week course students will learn advanced argumentation tactics and bring their skills to the next level. This class should be taken by people who have taken St Paul's introductory five week program previously, or students with prior debate experience. Each class will include both a short lecture followed by an activity to help students learn the skill being taught during the lecture portion of class. Students will learn how about opportunity costs, procedural argumentation, disadvantages, and critical philosophy. These lectures are designed to help students learn how to better listen to their opponents, develop critical thinking skills, and discern the difference between reliable and unreliable sources for evidence. The first five weeks of this class will build upon the fundamental debate skills taught in the introductory five week course. The second five week students will compete in a tournament structure with a partner. Trophies will be awarded to the top teams and speakers at the conclusion of the ten weeks. By the end of the course students will have developed their public speaking skills, logical reasoning, as well as their ability to listen to and understand others. They will also know the format and should feel encouraged and capable in participating in debate tournaments against others. A breakdown of the course is as follows...

Week One: Recap of Basics of Debate, Ice Breakers, Speaking Drills
Week Two: Disadvantages and Opportunity Costs
Week Three: Procedural Argumentation and Philosophy
Week Four: A Lesson on Objectivity and Subjectivity, and a Return to Ethos Activity
Week Five: Debate Format & Topic, A Lesson on Utilitarianism and Deontology, Partnerships
Week Six: Rounds 1 & 2
Week Seven: Rounds 3 & 4
Week Eight: Rounds 5 & 6 
Week Nine: Quarterfinals & Semifinals, Debate Games for Eliminated Teams
Week Ten: Finals & Awards Ceremony

Again, this class is open only to students who attend school at Saint Paul the Apostle School in LA, CA.

Once a Week for Ten Weeks


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7-11 years

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