Intro to Debate - 5 Week Winter Curriculum

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Intro to Debate - 5 Week Winter Curriculum

Instructor: Joe Schatz

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Over the course of five weeks students will learn the basics of debate by teaching them how to become better at public speaking, critical thinking, logical reasoning, and argumentation. By the end of the course they will be better at forming arguments, taking notes, listening to others, and effectively advocating their beliefs through speech. Each class includes both a short lecture followed by an activity to help students learn the skill being taught during the lecture portion of class so that way students learn by participating. Students excited about learning to debate will excel in this course, and students who are curious but shy will be encouraged to come out of their shells. Each week will give students the opportunity to receive feedback and improve upon their performance, culminating in a mini-tournament in the final week.

This course is the ideal starting course for students who are interested in debate but have very minimal to no prior debate experience. Each week is designed to get students excited about debate and public speaking with encouraging and constructive feedback. A breakdown of the course is as follows...

Day One: Introduction to Debate and Mini-Debates.
Day Two: Learning how to Impact and Weigh Arguments
Day Three: Audience Adaptation and Persuasive Speaking Skills
Day Four: Asking and Answering Questions to Win
Day Five: Mini-Tournament

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Once a week for 5 weeks


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9-14 years

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